Our Proceeds

The ForeverNate Foundation For Pediatric Brain Cancer

has raised $99,000 to date

$82,000 has been donated to the Team Jack Foundation


$15,000 has been put into the Nathan Waggoner Memorial Scholarship Fund


$1,000 has been donated to The Sunshine Kids Organization


$1,000 has been donated to DIPG research with Dr. Goldman at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago

The ForeverNate Foundation For Pediatric Brain Cancer donates our proceeds to organizations with similar missions as us. 

The Team Jack Foundation has made it their goal to fund pediatric brain cancer research and support clinical trials. They are also finding ways to help Nebraska families stay home for treatment, rather than travel out of state for treatment.

Each year Monica presents an Elkhorn High School senior with a $1,000 college scholarship in memory of Nathan. The recipient encompasses traits like Nathan - compassionate, caring, outgoing, energetic, and an all-around good person. 


In 2008, shortly after being diagnosed, the Children’s Hospital offered Nate a trip that is organized and supported by the Sunshine Kids. This trip included 4 kids from Omaha Children’s Hospital and one of their oncology nurses. Together they fly to the chosen destination and meet up with kids from other hospitals around the United States. Nate’s trip was to Hawaii and was truly an experience that he always talked about. He made so many friends that he connected with. 

In October 2009, after Nate’s health started to decline, Dr. Goldman of Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago was contacted. Dr. Goldman went to extreme measures to get Nate into one of his clinical trials. The effort he puts into each patient’s case is amazing. Nate’s family will be donating $1,000 to Dr. Goldman’s DIPG research studies.  

These organizations are near and dear to our hearts and so are each and every one of our supporters. Reaching our goals would not be possible without the support of our sponsors, donors, and participants.

Through our fundraiser and scholarship, Nate's memory lives on.